What are the best video interview questions to ask Graduates?

It would be so tempting to just choose a set of questions from a library when setting up a video interview right? But what are you really achieving from someone else’s questions? The answer is, not a lot.  Video interviewing questions need to be designed to ensure that you find out the key ingredients you need to make a lasting, accurate placement. Your company and the jobs themselves are unique to your business. So too, should any interview questions you ask potential employees. Graduate recruitment is no exception to this rule.

Involving line managers in the creation of the questions is the best place to start. Everyone has their own ideas about what they want to ask but the key is collectively pooling the ideas and then refining them. A short time ago, we released a HowTo Guide to Producing Successful Video Interview Questions. The clue is in the word ‘successful’. There is an art to making sure you get what you need without leading the interviewee down the winding garden path into the land of waffle. Our biggest hint here is to make sure you be specific about what you need to know and ask the question in plain English. Don’t try and be fancy about it. Vagueness of questions can kill a video interview, leaving your talent pool confused and unsure of what to say. Your objective is not to slip them up or make them nervous, but to gather the right information you need before they are progressed (or not) to the next more expensive stage of the process. This could be an assessment day, assessment test or even a panel interview.

The other thing to remember is that graduates often don’t have the work experience when they first enter the full-time job market so you will need to test out their resolve and commitment to the concept of work. Your questions do not only have to focus directly on work experience but also on the relevance of experience.  You are trying to find out what makes them tick and how they would fit into your team’s environment. You want to find out about things like resilience and initiative as well.

Here are some useful questions that The Needle has seen used by their clients recently:

  • If we were to meet your best friend, how would they describe you to us?
  • What sort of a manager would you like to work for?
  • What would you want [company name] to support you with as you start your career in the food industry?
  • What personal responsibility do you believe you need to take to develop a successful career with us?
  • What attributes do you have that you feel would make a real difference to our business?
  • What have you gained from your extra-curricular activities at University?
  • What motivates you and gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • Describe a situation that demonstrates your willingness to challenge and stretch your current skills and abilities.
  • Give an example of a good leader. If you could ask them one question what would it be?


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