Using your mobile to complete your video interview

Blog author: Ian Hooton

Have YOU been invited to a video interview yet? If not, chances are you will be in the days and years to come. In this blog we aim to guide you, step-by-step, through the various stages of creating and producing your video interview with the Needle Recorder, our dedicated iOS App. We hope to give you some insight into what it will be like to be invited to a video interview – and by the end, hopefully, you will have seen how simple the whole process is…

Position, position, position!

When recording your interview using the Needle Recorder App using your iPad or iPhone, the camera is always situated on the left – so adjust your position by centring your head and shoulders in the middle of the recording screen you can see yourself in – a bit like lining up a good ‘selfie’. And as we pointed out on a blog a while ago, always look directly into the camera lens rather than watching yourself on the screen – even if you are determined to check your hair! For best results, stand your device up on a bookshelf or something elevated to get the camera at eye level – that is if you don’t have a cover and stand option. Elevating the device provides a more flattering position, however just make sure the device doesn’t slide down and is anchored.

Let there be light!

This is so important! As well as ensuring your posture and position are sound, you also need to ensure that your face is well lit and that there are no lights behind you. Aim for a clear picture, and avoid wearing stripes or patterns as they play havoc with the picture! Whatever you do however, do not sit in the dark and use the device’s monitor as a light source. The camera will struggle to pick up the detail of your face so ensure the lighting gives you a clear picture.

Use the practice question

IMG_2131Before you start your interview, you will have a practice, question. The screen will look like this the image to the left. Each time you record a response you will receive an instant replay of your response. Complete the practice question as often as you like by using the re-record button, to ensure you are in a good position and adjust the light and sound to ensure the quality of the recording is good.


StartVideoInterview buttonOnce you are happy with your practice performance you can move on by clicking the ‘start video interview’ button (image to the right).


When you press that “Record’ button, you’ll see a 3 -2 -1 countdown before the recording starts. You will also notice a few counters that give you guidance on how long you have before the recording start, how long you have left for each response, and whether you can re-record your response.

Video Interview Structure

The recruiter will either have set a ‘reading and thinking’ time countdown for each question as mentioned above, , or you will have the chance to see all the questions before you start, write speaker notes and manually start your recording of each answer yourself. It’s all very straightforward, with the record button on the bottom left of the screen and a red “RECORDING” notice on the top right hand corner – just to let you know you are live!


After each response is complete, you have the option to view it and see how it went. In some cases, and depending on the recruiter, you may also have an opportunity to re-record your responses – in case the family pet decided to jump on the desk and interrupt your recording space! The re-record function will also overwrite the previous recording and your new recording will take its place.

Final video interview

Once you have completed all your answers, The Needle gets to work, processing your final video. Well done! Shortly afterwards you will receive an email stating that your video interview is ready to be viewed.

Once you have been invited, recorded your interview and viewed the end result, you will realise how easy and straightforward the entire process is. Video interviewing is becoming a staple assessment and recruitment tool across the globe so we hope this blog has been useful in explaining just how straightforward it really is. We wish you the best of luck and hope this helps with your next job hunt!