Technology – why use it?

Dishwasher guyI introduce new technology to people every day with The Needle. Many are trying video interviewing for the first time in their recruitment process and changing the way they work, which is great. But why use technology at all? What’s the point?

Technology is used in our everyday lives to make things more convenient for us and to speed up mundane, boring tasks that we don’t like doing. Take ‘doing the dishes’ as a typical everyday activity which we can replace with a dishwasher. But you’ll notice that installing a dishwasher to do the dishes doesn’t include scraping the excess scraps off the plates, stacking the dishwasher, emptying the dishes and putting them away. Some dishes aren’t suitable to put in a dishwasher and will have to be done by hand. It also costs money to buy dishwasher tablets to ensure the machine works properly.

DishWasherGuyHowever, the advantages of the dishwasher are the time saving element, but more importantly, the quality of the job – and of course the saving of dish pan hands! If I had to pick an example of this with technology, I’d take the example of replacing a telephone interview with video interviews is typically where a lot of our clients start with video. Usually when they come to me, their primary objective is to cut down administrative tasks. However, they have not realised that there is still administration involved (remember scraping the plates?). They will be ensuring the candidate knows the video invitation is coming, trigger the invitations to go out, review the videos, share the videos and so on. Their administration tasks however, have changed.  

The point that is usually missed, is the quality of the short list that is available after the videos have been completed and delivered. This is the real reason why recruiters should use video – the quality angle. They are providing a platform for managers to make decisions based on A LOT MORE INFORMATION which means they are not going to be disappointed when they book that time out of their diary for the wrong candidates. The candidate gets a fairer deal as well, which I liken to ‘the saving of dish pan hands!’. This is a true bonus. What did this have to do with administration?

In summing up, the primary objective of adding technology has to be to improve the quality of what you are doing. In fact, it’s the only objective.  If it improves the quality of what you do, it’s worth doing! If it doesn’t, then find something else that does, but assess to use or not to use, based on this premise and you can’t go wrong.