The technology

Discover what powers our video solution


True cloud technology

Our video interview platform is set up so that you can login and access video interviews from anywhere in the world with a browser on a laptop, desktop or mobile device. We are compatible across all the popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. You do not need to download any software to your computer to use our service. However, candidates who want to record their video interview on a mobile device can do so by downloading The Needle Recorder App free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store.


One video, one candidate, one click

The way we present our video interviews is truly unique. Our software creates a mini-video production (H.264 format) from candidate responses, making it intuitive for stakeholders receiving video short lists to watch our videos without any training or special applications. All they need to do is click, play, comment and rate each interview, making collaboration simple.

Candidate recording technology

The Needle video interviews recorded via the web application are done using Adobe Flash software. The browser based solution is supported by all the popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Candidates also have the option to record their responses on either iOS or Android devices. They can download our free Needle Recorder App at the App Store or Google Play store.



Our HTML5 Player allows users to access video interviews from any Internet connected device. All videos are presented in an H.264 format and viewed over a progressive download straight from our servers. For non-techies, it’s like watching a YouTube video!



Video files are generally quite large so managing capacity and processing power is paramount. Amazon Elastic Cloud computing allows us to scale quickly and efficiently, keeping costs down and ensuring the service scales to your volume needs whether they are local or global.

APIs and integration

The Needle has developed a rich set of RESTful JSON APIs, to allow partners providing other recruiter technology services direct access to The Needle's core video processing. These APIs enable our partners to quickly offer video interviewing as a value added service to their existing client base. For more information click here

Hosting & Security

Your video interview files are stored on our dedicated servers hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means you enjoy the flexibility of the world’s No.1 hosting provider, at one of their worldwide data centres, local to you. Amazon is ISO27001 accredited.

All user personal data is stored with Wi-Manx in the Isle of Man, in one of the only jurisdictions where personal data is secure, even against government access (rivaled only by Switzerland). The Isle of Man conforms to EU data protection standards, but in addition, Wi-Manx is ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environment Management Systems) and ISO 27001 (Information Management Systems) certificated.

All pages of the website are accessed using an SSL encrypted connection with 4,092 bit keys to protect against any external interference.