David Gillies

POSITION: Director & Co-founder

PHONE NUMBER: +44 (0) 7810 180549


David comes from Harthill, Scotland, and is a Co-founder and Director of The Needle. For over thirty years he has been involved in R&D and product development related to TV, in roles ranging from (reasonably) a humble engineer to CEO with companies in the UK, France and Germany. In parallel to The Needle, he leads a successful technology consultancy, isis digital Ltd. Work aside, David’s true passion, football, keeps him amused during the Winter months however he also spends time plotting his next sailing expedition, having now over 5000 miles under his belt, including one trans Atlantic crossing from St Martin to La Coruna in Spain.

“I believe combining video with the recruiting process – two areas where I have had significant experience over the years – will improve the chances of success when searching for both special jobs and special people.”