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Video interviews for Talent Acquisition

Every hiring manager knows this age-old problem – booking time out of their busy schedule to interview a potential employee, only to be disappointed when that person walks in the door and they know they are so far away from what their company needs, that you feel the time is wasted. When recruiting, how do you confidently deliver a quality line up of applicants, and solve this problem for the hiring manager? 

The Needle's video interview software is an important component of any Talent Acquisition Manager's tool kit. Adding a new dimension to your recruitment and short list delivery, you structure the video interview questionnaire to gain the information you require and The Needle does the rest. Interview questions are delivered in a controlled and consistent manner to the applicants who complete their interview in their own time. The Needle delivers organise video responses, short listing and document upload tools for you to share and collaborate with colleagues and hiring managers. In the meantime, managers can provide feedback for your short lists on the fly through their Needle login. Whether you are working on a graduate programme, volume recruitment drives or that senior manager position, video interviewing is perfect and appropriate for any type of position.

For more information please get in touch via sales@theneedleonline.com to book a demo or if you'd just like to have a chat we are available on +44 345 868 0100.

How do I get started?

Video interview pilot

Pilots are an inexpensive way to support a business case for implementing video interviewing. Real results speak volumes so before you make the leap, try it out! You have nothing to lose.

Software roll out

Post a successful pilot, The Needle can assist with consultation on rolling out video interviewing to your wider business. Speak to us about how you can make this happen.

Video integration

The Needle offers a rich set of APIs to enable the integration of our core video technology with your HR technology platform. We will speak with technology providers to offer an integrated solution for you.

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