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What is a strategic partnership?  

Strategic partnerships specifically aligned with the technology industry are essential to support innovation and increase the value of products and services available to the wider industry. HR and recruitment technology vendors benefit from building these strategic partnerships with each other, particularly when they cater for expansion of new, complex and emerging technologies. These technologies help the HR industry on a whole to grow.

What makes a good partner?  

For The Needle, successful, strong strategic partnerships are based on a number of elements. Our successful partnership programmes run on the following key values. We have found that the best partnerships work very well if these are the values that sit naturally with each party:  

  1. Excellence in communication
  2. Deep understanding of customer service
  3. Collaboration and sharing of information
  4. Quality of process / thoroughness
  5. Flexibility / agility
  6. Industry experience

Who should partner with The Needle?  

You can view our current partners below. The Needle partners with HR technology platforms, recruitment businesses, job boards and multi-posting software platforms. Our aim is to ensure our technology is available for our customers to use on the platform of their choice alongside those clients who are happy to use The Needle off the shelf.  

Video integration solutions

The Needle has developed a rich set of RESTful JSON APIs, to allow partners providing other recruiter technology services direct access to The Needle's core video processing. This makes it all possible for our partners to offer video interviewing as a value added service to their existing client base. Our API plus documentation is available here. Please contact our technical team for a deeper discussion on integration on +44 (0) 345 868 0100 or email on  

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