Recruiting the best graduates with video

Graduates in Cap and Gown — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

For university students or graduates, there’s a good chance they’ll be familiar with the concept of video interviewing.  How come? More and more universities are employing the use of video interviewing to select overseas students. Indeed, China-based interview platform InitialView is witnessing significant adoption in the US, with 38 out of the top 50 American universities now accepting its video interviews to screen college applicants. And of course, video is now used in all sectors of the job market, and universities are employing the use of video interviewing to aid their students in the competitive job market. Therefore, it is crucial that graduates familiarise themselves with this technological breakthrough.

Trawl through the student forums and you’ll unearth discussions relating to experience regarding video interviewing and how easy or otherwise candidates have found it. Reactions are mixed, nervousness is high, and candidates are either unsure and confused by the whole process or find it straightforward and simple.

So why are universities and recruiters using video for graduates? With the employment rate for working age graduates at 87.5% (the highest level since 2007) graduates and postgraduates continue to enjoy higher employment rates than non-graduates. But it’s the right job not just any job that makes the difference. Video interviewing can help graduates to be selected for the best jobs, by giving them a platform to sell themselves better than a threadbare CV. And employers get the chance to quickly identify outstanding candidates.

Graduates – just the same as all candidates – need to stand out in the job market if they are to bag that dream career. A recent article from the Mail Online pointed to the fact that up to 160 graduates are chasing each and every job. That’s 160 resumes received by each employer or recruiting manager. Tiring, eh?

Video interviewing can make the whole process much more efficient and less time-consuming for both candidates and recruiters. An increasing number of employers interview possible applicants via video, as, they save time in the recruitment process, identify which candidates would be a good fit and add an personal layer to the mountain of CVs. Candidates can also take the video interview – and recruiting managers can review the responses – at a time that is convenient for them.

Video gives you the opportunity of selecting the most talented, able and qualified students from colleges and universities everywhere. It allows you to invite a greater number of candidates from the comfort of your own desk. Of course, video doesn’t replace regular face-to-face interviews, and an employer will still attend a university career fair to spend more time with their list of priority candidates.

It’s fair to say that the majority of students are comfortable with the set up. College students have been enjoying YouTube videos since time immemorial – indeed, they speak the very language of video. What’s more, a greater number of candidates have access to a computer and a webcam, as well as a Smartphone or tablet. Dedicated Apps guide the candidates seamlessly through the various stages involved in nailing a video interview.

So if you are a recruiter, isn’t it time you considered video interviewing for your company’s graduate intake programme?