#RecHangout | 7th October 2015 | 13:00-14:00 BST

shutterstock_126330599Next week, the very hot topic for discussion, “Recruitment Technology Revolution: Just around the corner or more of the same?” will be mooted at the #RecHangout, a regular fortnightly gig hosted by the Colleague Software team and Louis Welcomme. The Needle, namely yours truly, will make up part of an expert panel of industry recruitment software business owners who share a combined passion to improve the recruitment process and bring it into the 21st century. The topic itself is provocative and one that I’ve written a whole blog on just recently if you care to read it!!

Life without technology just does not exist anymore and for many, their smartphone is the last thing they put down at night and the first thing they check  in the morning whether it be emails, the weather, traffic issues, Facebook or to check on how their sleep patterns went through their JawBone App (sad I know!). Our daily habits and are being unconsciously shaped by the way in which we use technology every day. The next generation will not even think twice about having everything conveniently invented and then developed to cater for their every need straight from their smartphone – this is happening already. But many of these great technological ideas did not just turned up overnight. They are the culmination of many years of R&D, investment, development, sales and distribution, more development and investment and of course, the big one – time. That’s right, it has all taken time! So rather than call it a ‘Revolution’, I like to think of it as ‘Evolution‘.

Recruitment technology has taken time to evolve as well and has been bubbling away nicely with a lot of new and unique products entering the market. There are some excellent events that you can go and talk with vendors at for absolutely free. The Recruitment Technology Showcase put on by the UK Recruiter, is happening on the 8th October 2015 in London, ‘20 Bedford Way‘, is an event that’s worth a look with plenty of networking available and speed meetings with vendors. I’ve also just recently been involved in a judging panel for the National Online Recruitment Awards 2015, or NORAs as they are more commonly referred to in the industry. My category is ‘Best Innovation in Online Recruitment’ award. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many great new sites being nominated and some really innovative ideas and solutions.

If you are a recruiter, my only advice is get out there and educate yourself. Much of technology is now a smidgeon of the price it used to be and easy to set up online. It only takes 28 days to form new habits so don’t use the excuse that are too busy. The clever use of technology in your recruitment process can shave hours off those boring administrative tasks, inject quality into the process and help both you and the candidate to find their match quicker and easier. And above all else just remember – resistance is futile!