Integrating video interviewing with your platform

shutterstock_230705539As video interviewing moves from being an early adopter technology into a mainstream recruitment tool, many HR software suppliers will be thinking how they can add video to their platform. One option, of course, is to build a video solution from scratch; it’s exciting technology, and building a completely new video platform will keep the developers very busy – for some time to come. At The Needle we know very well the complexity involved and the effort required to build and operate a multi-user, scalable and robust video interviewing platform. That’s why there is a much easier way to add video interviewing to your HR software platform, and take full advantage of the expertise and experience of the video interview experts.

The Needle provides access to the full range of video interviewing features and services provided by our off the shelf system via a range of APIs, which can be accessed at Needle APIs. In addition to detailed documentation, you can also find examples for each API here. Using these APIs, you can post a job description, create the video interview structure, and invite selected candidates to make their video interview. Candidates complete their video interview via their laptop or mobile device and your HR software platform is notified when the video interview is ready for viewing. The Needle can support you in developing the presentation method of the video interviews in your platform, or you can chose to develop your own interface, or even just open a new browser tab and use The Needle HTML5 player.

The recruiter can then review all completed video interviews, and select the best candidates to build a short list. This is the most valuable part of the video interviewing process, sharing the best candidates with the hiring managers and other decision makers. Using The Needle APIs, just send the details of the selected candidates and the short list recipients and The Needle does the rest. Each short list recipient can review each video interview, comment on and rate each candidate individually. These comments and ratings are returned to your platform for further use in selecting the best candidates to go through to the next stage of the process.

Add standard branding for recruiter accounts, plus employer branding and YouTube career and promotional videos on a job by job basis, and you get the best of both worlds – a single login for users to your HR software platform plus video technology from The Needle.

Our APIs are built to the highest industry standards, using JSON technology. To access these APIs and begin integrating, contact us on +44 (0) 845 868 0100 or by email start your video interview integration project today.