How consumers are helping the video interviewing industry

Selfie picWithout even thinking about it, you as a consumer are having a huge impact on the development of video technology and this is good news for The Needle.

Since the first pioneers of video interviewing set up their platforms back in the mid to late 2000s, their intent was to boldly go where no recruitment technology platform had gone before! For those of you unaware of the history, the challenges were vast. Webcams were not regularly found in households; broadband for some of us consisted of dial up speeds reaching the dizzy heights of 56kbits/s (eek!), and the smartphone was still fledgling.  Laptops were slow and clunky while corporate networks were struggling to process anything as bandwidth hungry as video. But every technology has a starting point and fortunately, the challenges were not insurmountable for video.

Technology is now advancing at a blinding pace. High consumer expectations and a never-ending thirst for more, places a massive demand on tech providers to get it right. This in turn forces providers of the supporting infrastructure to be on top of their game too. More specifically, the broadband and mobile data pipelines needed to support video recording and streaming are now almost mainstream in the UK apart from some rural areas still waiting for their fair share. Fibre is slowly being rolled out which is where the future lies (excuse the pun!) which is exciting for all of us.

There is much supporting data out there showing that not only are we watching more video online, but we are being advertised to more via video with now one eighth of all online advertising spend being video oriented. This is almost like a symbiotic relationship. Also according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic.

Mobile usage for video recording and streaming is also increasing. Just look at the Facebook stats. People are becoming comfortable behind the lens. HD quality cameras on smartphones now mean that any individual can make a high-quality video of their families, pets, kids – themselves even, and upload it in a jiffy demonstrating that anyone can do it. In fact, taking a selfie is yesterday’s news. It’s all about video now.

This consumer behaviour helps to paint a very rosy picture for the future of video interviewing. The uses for video within the employee lifecycle process are still in early adoption phase but what we do know is that consumer behaviours are driving usage up and moving the industry into mainstream. This is great news for those who have opted to start using video interviewing within their recruitment process. At The Needle, we know that video is here to stay and it’s only a matter of time before we see the creative use of video Q&A broadening its reach to include performance reviews, employee engagement tools, exit interviews and much much more. Keep an eye on this space, because it’s really happening!