How accessible is video interviewing to job seekers?

LaptopClapBoardWe’ve started a series of blogs to share with you the experience your colleagues and peers in the industry have had so far using The Needle’s video interviewing software. We also aim to highlight the job seeker experience with video and talk to job applicants about their experience of using the technology, which is often new to them when applying for a job as well as focusing on some of the usage trends emerging.

This week’s blog concentrates on affordability and accessibility of video interviewing to all job seekers. It was not so long ago (three to four years) that many domestic laptops struggled to process online video recording and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets were still maturing with video technology. Today is a different story as we see the smartphone and tablets dominating imagery and video uploads. In fact recording video has become part of our daily lives. We are never too far from our devices and sadly, many of us prefer them as a sleeping buddy! The smartphone is pushing its way into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, becoming a necessity rather than a luxury to us all.

A recent study was done in emerging economies that suggests that global Guykissingtabletgoodmorningdigital inequality is being squeezed as the internet becomes more accessible to many more people in developing countries who are starting to catch up with their developed peers.  This means that applicants can be accessed from further afield making sourcing a global possibility for some employers. We also see more applicants from continents such as Africa connecting with employers through The Needle. Africa is a growing nation of internet users and much of this is done through smartphones which have simply become more affordable. The same can be said for countries like China and Brazil.

Based on all of this, it probably comes as no surprise to find back home in the UK there is a direct correlation between salary level for a job and the device type chosen to complete a video interview. At The Needle, we’ve found that as the salary increases, so too does the use of laptops, but as the salary level drops we see a substantial increase in use of our mobile recording Apps. The only exception to this is graduate recruitment mainly because graduates are more likely to use a laptop as a study tool which means by default, they have one.

The graphs below are from statistics straight from The Needle’s platform showing the comparison between a Chief Technology Officer role where the salary is c.£90K+ versus a Customer Service Advisor role where the salary is around c.£16K.   The assumption we draw from this is that not everyone can afford a laptop, but most people prioritise being able to afford a smartphone. Plus providers of mobile phone services help by offering affordable contracts where you get the phone for free. Another trend spotted for mobile users is that the many households tend to have a ‘family’ tablet that they can use for recording video.

It’s worth stressing that overall, laptops are still the preferred device for a video because applicants simply find it easier to sit in front of a laptop to present. However mobile devices have higher quality microphones and webcams and those who choose to go mobile tend to get a higher quality video output.

By in large, we have seen a increase in mobile usage especially in the last year, which is strengthened by what is happening in the consumer world with the personal priority most put on owning a mobile device. We predict that the percentage which is sitting at a 30% / 70% split between mobile devices and laptops is set to change to 50% / 50% over the next two years.  Watch this space!

The good news is that accessibility to video interview technology is on the rise as more people become connected to the internet and start to own devices that can process video. Obviously this means that Video interview device useage comparisonmobile Apps are a very important part of any video interviewing software so if you are looking to introduce video to your recruitment process, ensure you choose a supplier that covers at the very least iOS and Android platforms which are the most commonly used.

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