Find the champions in your business

If you are reading this, you are probably a recruitment or HR professional. Buying and then subsequently embedding technology in your recruitment process can be challenging due to the many stakeholders involved in the process.  Getting these stakeholders on board, is essential to you succeeding in implementing a new system. One way to do this is to find the champions in your business.

Champions are your advocates. The persona of a technology champion looks a bit like this:

  • Someone who embraces change
  • Someone who is interested in improving outcomes
  • Someone who actually likes technology!


Taking video interviewing as an example, if you want to roll out video, some of your key stakeholders are recruitment colleagues, line managers, procurement, IT and finance (just to name a few!).

Find_the_championsClydesdale Bank has used video across many areas of their business. When they first started testing the concept, they engaged with managers and found key champions within each business unit, who were not averse to change and were willing to try something new. Their information security division used video across six roles and the results were impressive. The main issue they were having was assessing cultural fit at the early stages and video provided them with a tool to assess candidates before the face to face interview.

The Head of Threat Intelligence who happened to be the line manager for this pilot stated, “It’s been a real game changer for us.” This kind of advocacy can be infectious amongst other staff and really help you effect change.

One thing to be aware of is the fear of some staff that they will be replaced by technology; that it will do them out of a job and subsequently, they become reluctant to help implement a system. This is simply not the case but some of their activities will certainly be modified to include new technology with the aim of improving the overall quality of their output. Also the benefit to them of introducing technology is to make their jobs easier so they can concentrate on the higher level activities expected of them. Selling the benefits to them is extremely important to get them on board. Some will naturally see the benefits and these are the champions you seek within your staff.

One of the main stakeholders we haven’t touched on yet, is the IT department. Many of my clients have had to gain the support of the IT department right from the outset, before considering new technology additions.  IT’s job is to manage the risk to the business around things like data security, hosting and accessibility, particularly when taking on cloud based technologies. Along with IT, finance and procurement are also important stakeholders. What it costs and how it is paid for are fundamental considerations that need agreement before sign off. So how do you achieve this?  Our recommendation is that you run a pilot across the business to get traction by providing key metric feedback on how the pilot went, the benefits to stakeholders and candidates, and use this pilot to build a strong business case based on facts rather than speculation.

So, summing up your business case check list would look like this:

  • Find the champions who become your advocates
  • Always sell the benefits
  • Run a pilot to provide data for your business case
  • Get agreement from IT, finance and procurement


The outlook is bright for those of you who want to get on the technology bandwagon because with some of the great tools out there, you can really change the way you work and improve the quality of your output. Good luck!