Casio Case Study




Casio implemented The Needle's video interviewing platform in 2013, with their prime focus being to reduce their time to hire (from 90 to 50 days). In addition they wanted to make their recruitment process more efficient, and most importantly, to decrease their recruitment spend.


Role types

Casio have used video across a variety of roles including graduate developers, sales and account managers , retail managers, planning managers and social media executives. Although their roles are mainly UK based, Casio have used video where they have also had a requirement for Japanese speaking candidates.

Pre video - Previous recruitment process

Pre video, Casio's recruitment process started for every applicant, with online testing as a first stage filter, followed by a first and second round face to face interview with hiring managers. Often these face to face interviews involved a panel consisting of three senior members of staff.

With video - New recruitment process

When Casio applied video to their process, they made a decision to do away with the first face to face interview and turn it into a video interview using competency based questions, that were created in collaboration with the hiring managers.    

Sonia Vales, HR Business Partner for Casio, admits that video interviews intensifies the early stages of the recruitment process for the candidate, but the results can be used to make the rest of the process run a lot more smoothly along with achieving  a significant time saving cost to Managers.


Sonia Vales, HR Business Partner for Casio, admits that video intensifies the early stages of the recruitment process but everyone benefits from this intensity because the process that follows is improved for both parties by purely having more information available to assess and understand team fit.

The main areas of time and financial savings they made were in the following:

Bullet.fw  Scheduling and coordinating the interview panel

Bullet.fw  The panel's hourly rate: just being available to interview costs the company money.

Bullet.fw  The cost of travel: For both the candidate and the interviewing panel (some managers may be returning from other sites to conduct the interviews)

Bullet.fw  Recruitment agency spend: The platform has helped them bring a larger part of their recruitment in-house, so as a consequence, agency spend has been reduced.


Implementing any new system is not without it's challenges however. Sonia Vales, HR Business Partner explained that there is a real need to gain 'buy-in' from managers and candidates who are involved in the process. This means that recruitment managers have an important job of selling the concept and system to these groups.

More specifically for candidates, there is a small percentage who refuse to do the online interview for various reasons, often personal rather than that they simply don't have access to a suitable device to interview with. But all in all this number is pretty low. So engagement needs to happen very early in the process. Although video adds a human element to the process, the candidate still needs some contact prior to the interview, to ensure they participate.


Sonia reports that The Needle's video platform has saved a huge amount of time and money for the company, which can be easily quantified, but with any implementation of new technology, you need to have defined your process properly before you start.