Example Question

If you have successfully set up Flash, you will see yourself on the screen. If you are having any issues, right click on the black screen to access the "Settings" controls again, and select camera, microphone, then "Allow" and "Remember".

The navigation controls during recording and playback are as follows:

    • icon_Record   Start Recording

    • icon_StopRecording   End recording

  • icon_ReRecord   Re-record your response

    • icon_Play   Playback Recording

    • icon_Pause   Pause Playback

  • icon_StopPlayback   Stop Playback

You're now ready to answer the Example Question. Make sure you have good lighting directly on your face, that the background behind you is neutral - preferably a blank wall. Remember to look into the camera, not the video playback, sit up straight, and speak clearly and confidently.

Make a few recordings with the Example Question until you feel comfortable with the environment.

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