Best days of the week to video interview

This week’s trend focuses on the web traffic through The Needle, and the differences through the days of the week. Why is this such a big deal? Understanding the behaviour of people who use our video interviewing software can help others to learn how to become more efficient when they set up their video interview campaigns. There are other factors from understanding usage by day of the week, that can really help you succeed with your video interview campaigns.

The graph to the right illustrates some of the factors that can help you when setting up video to ensure success. Monday through to Thursday makes up 83% of all activity on our site. By traffic, we mean applicants completing videos as well as recruiters reviewing videos, sending out invitations and sharing video interviews with managers. Unsurprisingly, the days drop off quickly with only 10% activity on a Friday and then 7% combined on the weekends. There is one key recommendation we want to offer from these figures to help you maximise your video interview campaign:

For maximum results, set your video interview deadlines during the week days, not the weekends.

Think about this for a moment… As a recruiter, you work really hard during the week and your activity levels are through the roof particularly with rushing to get everything done before the weekend. Then what happens Saturday and Sunday? You have the weekend off of course (admittedly there are always exceptions). This is the time for friends and family, and relaxing after a busy week. This is exactly the same for people looking for a new job i.e. your target market. So why set a deadline on the weekend? Are you really going to get the results you want?







A study done by SmartRecruiters reinforces these behaviours as they make a number of comparisons including job seeker applications per day of the week vs recruiter job posts per day of the week (graphs above taken from the study). You can see activity tails off towards the weekend for both parties. We all show the same behaviours when it comes to recruitment, so why not set up your video campaigns to match the behaviours?

There is one thing The Needle’s pie chart statistics haven’t told you but is an observation of ours that is really important. Irrespective of the role level, most applicants leave their recording to the last minute.  If you set an interview deadline on a Sunday, you are likely to risk the applicant panicking at the end of the weekend and missing their deadline or rushing things, which will not produce a good result for either party. Although The Needle’s support is available around the clock, some questions require a recruiter answer, such as if a candidate needs an extension on their interview deadline. If you are not in the office to respond, they will miss the deadline, and this will mean you are held up waiting for them to complete past your deadline dates.

These are small things that make a big difference to the success of your video interview campaign. If you would like a free consultation on how to use video interviewing software successfully, please give our sales team a call on +44 345 868 0100 or email us on for a call back. We want to help you succeed.



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