New Year’s Resolutions

Outside of the usual ‘dry January’ efforts or the aim to lose a few pounds of Christmas flab (both a bit superficial of course!), a new year is a really good motivator to reflect on the past year’s activities, set some new goals and then conjure up the will power to improve your situation for the following year. This is true in personal and work life.

But to improve (whatever that means to you) will inevitably mean you need to CHANGE SOMETHING. It’s scary I know, but an old favourite of mine, Albert Einstein, couldn’t have put it better:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

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It’s just not going to happen now is it! You have to change something to get a different result. It’s a simple truth. When it comes to a recruitment process, it’s no different. I’ve spoken to enough recruitment professionals in enough organisations this year to see that there is a huge appetite for change in many areas, including the use of technology to help improve sourcing, assessment and selection techniques. Technology is providing a solution to all the mundane stuff we do in our lives and making things easier and more interesting across the board.

As a technology provider, I have found that there is an age old perception out there that if it is new technology, then it must be expensive. Many focus on cost rather than value and by doing that, reject technology platforms before they have even seen their capability. Is this just an excuse to stay with what they know? To stay the course and not change? Will it be too much work to implement a new system so we’ll just put up with the old one? The key for most is to have the ability to mobilise and influence those within to actually do something about it. Usually this can be done by proving they can do more with less, and prove a business case.

The truth is that there are many incredibly powerful systems available to recruiters now that cost a fraction of the price of the same functionality available a few years ago – and the technology has improved ten fold. But the value they inject into the process is invaluable. It would be fair to say, you really can do more with less these days, you just need to do a bit of research and find out what’s available. Don’t be afraid to try things out. You can conduct an inexpensive or even free trial of most recruitment tech platforms. Ask the provider! You have nothing to lose except your time to research and learn.

The LinkedIn 2015 Global Recruiting Trends paper that was published recently, highlighted expectation of companies on their recruitment function to do more with less, but also mentioned some of the critical issues high on the agenda of HR teams, like improved quality of the hire, employer branding, improved retention and pipeline development. From the survey of 4125 talent leaders in 31 countries, it is evident that globalisation is squeezing the talent pool and making it more accessible so competition is increasing to recruit the right candidate, driving salaries up. How are businesses going to address all these issues? The first place to start affecting change is in the recruitment process and systems, asking what is the best way to recruit for your business. Then once you have made your decision on the ‘what’, next comes the ‘how’. The use of job boards, employer branded career sites, social media and mobile technologies are crucial to reach and appeal to the right candidates. There are assessment tools also available to support selection choices, including video interviewing, testing, filtering and applicant tracking tools. It’s all there at your finger tips. You just need to make the decision to change the way you work.

The amount of innovation happening in the recruitment industry is exciting, and with more just around the corner, it makes it very easy to get on board and do something different. What will you do? Make plans to do things differently and embrace change, or do the same thing you’ve always done and pray for a different result? Whatever the decision, I wish you the best of luck in 2015!