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Spend less time screening and more time finding the right candidates for your business with video

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Keep your hiring managers connected to the recruitment process wherever they are in the world.

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Choose a green technology that helps you drive down recruitment costs and increase efficiency

Talent Acquisition

Video interview software is an essential component of a successful Talent Acquisition Manager's tool kit. Improve your aim and deliver high quality video interview short lists to your hiring managers. They will love you for it!

Recruitment Agencies

Offer video interviewing to your clients as a value added service and enjoy higher fees, higher efficiency and repeat business. Give your clients the ability to make faster decisions with a more comprehensive video interview short list.


Finally, here is your chance to shine. Receiving an invitation to video interview for a job, gives you an outstanding opportunity to sell yourself. It's convenient, cost effective and consistent and it means that company cares about your experience.

We love video



What can we say - we really love video. And we love connecting people. What better way to introduce candidates and employers without breaking the bank. And we love helping recruitment managers to succeed in finding the best talent for their teams. We help them engage with their hiring managers and truly mobilise the recruitment process. We give hiring managers the tools to make measured and timely decisions and give them accessibility to the recruitment process from anywhere in the world. And best of all, we give candidates a cost effective, convenient way to sell themselves to employers. Our aim is to help companies drive down recruitment costs by providing a green solution to select the best people for their businesses.  We love video and we are here to show you why.

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