Do candidates really benefit from video interviewing?

scaredThe short answer is YES! Of course they do! But video interviewing is still fairly new and you can probably guarantee that the larger majority of candidates will not have done one yet. Although it’s actually a fairly simple process for a candidate to participate, you can see a potential for apprehension to build up.

A candidate’s perceived fear of video interviewing is a topic I discuss regularly when speaking to prospective customers. It’s a question on the recruiter’s mind when considering the technology that’s available to them – will participation levels be poor because we are putting candidates off our process by introducing something new and looking upon it as a hurdle rather than a benefit to all? And what impact will that have on our company?

A recent article written by by video interviewing solution reviewer Software Advice, discussed the results of a survey put out to recruiters and candidates that aimed to understand how positive and negative interview experiences influenced a candidate’s opinion of the company, the job and whether they would accept an offer or not. Many conclusions pointed to the fact that if a candidate had a negative experience with the interviewing process, it would certainly have some sort of negative impact on the reputation of the company and it’s success to recruit the right talent.

The main point to take away is that as a recruiter, you absolutely need that candidate to enjoy the experience of any interview, as this has a direct influence on what they think about you and your business. Sending them out a link to a video interview is just the administrative part.

The true success of a recruitment process lies in how you manage the candidate throughout the process. And choosing the right technology provider who supports you is crucial.

So then how do you get candidates to participate in a video interview and really value the experience? The answer is simple.

Engage with candidates, sell them the benefits and manage them through the process.

The benefits to recruiters of using video interviewing are huge, so it’s worth taking the time to ensure that the participants are put at ease with the process and you get them across the line.

To follow are just a few of my personal recommendations on how the manage candidates through a video interview:

  1. At the initial outset, tell them why the company has chosen this form of interview.
  2. Let them know it is an opportunity to sell themselves to the hiring manager at the early stages of the process that they would not have otherwise had with just a CV application alone.
  3. Talk them through what will happen e.g. they will receive an email, it will have a link or a code in it, they can use their laptop or mobile device, there will be questions and answers, and so on. This will depend on the provider platform that you have chosen of course.
  4. They will not incur any travel costs.
  5. They will not need to take time off work to do this.
  6. They can do the interview in their own time in their own home. It’s completely private to them.
  7. Support is available from the video interview company to help set up their device if needed, particularly if they have low bandwidth or are not necessarily tech savvy.
  8. Other candidates applying for the job will receive exactly the same interview, in exactly the same format, so there is fair and open competition and a consistent process.

Ask me about how candidates will feel about this in a couple of year’s time, and we won’t be having the same conversation! Anything new is bound to cause a few feathers to be ruffled.  But right now, new technologies are providing solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of the recruitment process.

Don’t blame the technology, manage the process!

If you bear this in mind, you will succeed and really enjoy using video interviewing. Good luck!

  1. Peter 1 year ago

    Seriously Great article. I hope in future everyone will adopt Video Interviewing. It is going to be the best method for recruitment. Currently, on recruiters are selecting candidates through video interview only. It’s more productive and less cost cutting.