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David Gillies

Director & Co-founder

+44 (0) 7810 180549

Jennifer Houghton

Non-Executive Director

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The brains behind the technology

It was from our love of technology and connecting people that The Needle was created. We have spent a large part of our careers recruiting and scrutinising the process and the one question we kept coming back to asking ourselves was, how can we humanise the recruitment process? At the very beginning of the process, there is a distinct lack of connection with the candidate - just a CV - leaving the process wide open for improvement. The Needle video interview tool began to take shape from there.

The brains behind The Needle's team is made up of a combined world class television and video expert knowledge, and resourcing, recruitment and selection expertise specifically aligned with European and United Kingdom practices. This makes it easy for you to work with us as we understand the process, which is a key factor to the success of any on-demand video interview pilot or roll out.

Our technology also has a truly unique feature that's prime function is to ensure ease of access, so there is very little training that is required to view, assess, comment and rate videos. We ensure the process is easy for the recruiters, the hiring managers and most of all, the candidates.