5 Traits Every Recruiter Should Have


Everybody wants to be top dog – to be the best they can be at their job. Recruitment is no exception. Recruitment consultants are renowned for their hefty workloads, but are these workloads affecting the consultants’ ability to deliver? A recent survey commissioned by research firm Vanson Bourne, of 250 UK-based business owners and HR professionals, revealed that almost three-quarters of employers have great difficulty in finding good recruitment agencies, while a staggering nine out of ten believe the recruitment process is too long-winded.

With all of that in mind, what are the most desirable traits for successful recruitment consultants?


Be a good listener…

To possess good listening skills is clearly a good thing in all walks of life, but it is particularly important when it comes to recruitment. Taking time to listen carefully and reflectively to both the job seeker and the client will allow the recruiter a conclusive understanding of what their needs and requirements are. Thus, it will be easier to find a close match.


…and a good communicator

When a healthy chunk of their job is dealing with people, be it face-to-face, through email, social media or over the phone, recruiters need to ensure their communication skills are up to scratch. That’s verbal and written. Being tactful is key. If a candidate has been unsuccessful at obtaining a post, be sensitive, understanding and subtle – let them down gently, but give them feedback on how to improve. This will not only make the candidate feel better, it will enhance the recruiter’s reputation, too.


Network, network, network!

Whatever field of employment you are in, networking is a fantastic way of getting business and meeting new prospective clients. Attending events is something all good recruiters should be doing. Educating themselves in the latest best practice, sourcing and assessment techniques and technology available is essential. Networking is also an opportunity to get advice from fellow recruiters – although it’s wise to ensure the person you’re getting that advice from actually knows what they are talking about!



It is often joked that men can’t multitask, but juggling multiple companies, clients and candidates is an everyday part of a recruiter’s life. They will need to be adept at managing, distributing and in some cases, delegating their workload. But we do warn against sacrificing quality. They need to ensure that they are getting things done. Unmanageable workload can lead to nothing getting done and the time to hire metric creeping higher.


IT and social media savvy

Like it or not, we live in an age where computer and IT prowess has never been so important. We are in the age of the ‘selfie’! Regardless of your area of employment, being skillful and adroit on a computer is vital – particularly so for recruiters. Having a good understanding of database systems, job boards, social media platforms and their uses and email marketing will give any recruiter an edge over their rivals.

Of course, there are many different qualities in a good recruiter but we feel we have picked out some of the more important ones. Feel free to leave your feedback on what you’ve just read – we look forward to hearing your thoughts.